As humans, we are the only species that is required to wear clothing. Over the millions of years of our evolution, our clothing has gone from providing simple protection from a harsh environment to conveying a complex set of messages that embody many different ideas.

dress code is the set of rules that establish society’s interpretation of those messages being sent by our clothing and how it is worn. These messages may include indications of the wearer’s occupation, social class, marital status, sexual availability, or other social messages that include our attitudes towards comfort, traditions, gender expression,  or the claiming of a personal or cultural identity. The Dress Code:  The Art of Being Well Dressed is a modern blog platform that addresses all of these issues. Our mission is to help you to discover the real “you” on the way to cultivating your own fashion sense and style.  Our mission is to make you known as someone who is . . .”well- dressed.”

Through our timely posts, we will help you learn to appreciate the different fashion design elements of color, texture, silhouette, and line that combine to make the style of a garment.  We will help you learn how to identify certain distinctive characteristics of the world’s leading fashion designers and how they use these design elements to appeal to our sensibilities.

We will discuss how fabric, form, fit, and functionality combine to make fashion statements.   We will discuss how to compose the fashion statements that will project the proper image for you. We will discuss how garment styles, cultural influences, and stereotypes influence how your fashion statements are interpreted.

Most importantly, we will show you how to build and maintain an effective wardrobe within the constraints imposed by your budget and today’s dress codes. We will offer dress code guidance, so you’ll be able to properly consider factors like place, activity, climate, and occasion, before you make your outfit selections. Once you master the process, we’re confident that you’ll be well on your way to being considered . . . well dressed.

So, stay tuned.  Feel free to search our archives for interesting articles and images.  We look forward to hearing from you, so please, share your comments, questions, and photos with us.  For those of you that like to sew, please visit our on-line to browse our latest fabric and apparel selections.

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