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SkivvyCoin: Free Underwear — For Life!

Anderson Apparel, Ltd. has announced its August launch of a crowdsale campaign to raise funds by offering contributors free underwear for life. The campaign will start by issuing digital tokens and listing them on a cryptocurrency exchange where they can be purchased by interested contributors in exchange for Ether cryptocurrency. These…

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Getting the Right Fit

Perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of dressing well is the concept of fit.  Garments that fit well convey the message that the wearer is self-assured, confident, and aware of life’s important details.  Ill-fitting garments convey the message that the wearer is slovenly, unreliable, and lacking in self-esteem.  Unfortunately, in the…

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Understanding Silhouette

The shape of clothing on a human body, communicates messages about the wearer. Through clothing design, the shape of the human body can be revealed in a natural way, or distorted to enhance the wearer’s appearance. A key skill in dressing well is the ability to select the correct garment…

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Understanding Color

Color is the most noticeable design element in any garment.  Designers use colors to influence perceptions of power, strength, energy, or the “temperature” of the wearer’s personality.  When colors are skillfully combined, they will turn your garments into “eye candy” for all of your observers. Hue & Temperature All fabrics are…

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Defining Yourself

Who Am I? Learning to cultivate your own fashion sense and a style that will project the right image is a process that begins with an understanding of: Who you are; Who you want to become; Who people think you are; and Who you want them to think you are.…

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Becoming “You”

Who Do You Want to Be? All of our lives we have been led to believe that we can be anything that we want to be.  We’ve been led to believe that all we have to do is work “hard” (whatever that is), get good grades, smile, look cute, and a “good” life will be given…

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Projecting Your Image

Who do people think you are? Whether you like it or not, every time you step outside of your private abode, or show up at a social event, someone will form an impression of who they think you are.  Rightly or wrongly, within seconds, humans pass judgment on who you…

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