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Becoming “You”

Who Do You Want to Be?

All of our lives we have been led to believe that we can be anything that we want to be.  We’ve been led to believe that all we have to do is work “hard” (whatever that is), get good grades, smile, look cute, and a “good” life will be given to us by the powers that be. Unfortunately, that’s not true for most of us.

The problem is – most of us don’t have any idea who we want to be, or why.  All we know is, everyone around us who can’t write computer code, dunk a basketball, or perform rap music seems to be suffering through a miserable existence that is full of boredom, monotony, and strife – while the tech geeks, athletes, and entertainers are the ones who are “ballin’ out of control.”  Are we stuck being who we are . . . because we can’t afford to be who we really want to be?

The truth is, you can only become what the limits of your talent, resources, and relationships allow you to become. The great thing about America is, idyllically, we all have opportunities to improve our talents, increase our resources, and cultivate new relationships. But, to exploit those opportunities, it will require some planning, patience, and persistence.

Follow a Plan

The harsh reality is, to become who you want to become, you’ll have to follow a plan that will allow you to:

  1. Discover your skills (i.e., talents, aptitudes, predispositions, and passions);
  2. Assess whether those skills have (or will have) a market value, then estimate what that value will be in the future;
  3. Acquire the requisite fundamental knowledge and proper techniques required to execute your skills;
  4. Commit to spending enough time — through practice and repetition — to become accomplished, gain mastery, and to raise your skills to a professional level of excellence. (Translation: Be good enough for someone to pay you their hard-earned money);
  5. Display the persistence, patience, and tenacity, required to overcome the boredom, disappointment, and frustration that comes with not reaching your goals immediately;
  6. Cultivate the valuable relationships that will enable you to market your skills successfully, and
  7. Accept the risks that come along with foregoing other opportunities in the pursuit of your dreams.

If you do all of these things, and have a little good fortune (otherwise known as “luck”), more than likely, you will become who you want to become.

Reinvent Yourself

The problem with becoming “you” is . . . once you finally “arrive” you probably won’t be that person for very long. Due to changing circumstances and your own maturation process, at many times during your life you’ll invariably be forced to change who you have to be.  Another great thing about America is,  for the most part, you are free to change yourself whenever you see fit.

I know . . . it’s not easy to stop being the person you are and become another person (especially if you feel like the old person was a success).  But, don’t be afraid.  Just accept that change is inevitable and learn to embrace it.  If you follow your plan, you should be able to reinvent yourself over and over again throughout your life, and soon you’ll find that the whole process can be fun and reinvigorating.

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