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Projecting Your Image

Who do people think you are?

Whether you like it or not, every time you step outside of your private abode, or show up at a social event, someone will form an impression of who they think you are.  Rightly or wrongly, within seconds, humans pass judgment on who you are by observing your appearance, mode of dress, posture, speech patterns, and behavior to quickly decide if you are:

  • A menacing threat or nuisance;
  • Versed in the social codes of dress & etiquette;
  • Worthy of their respect and trust; and/or
  • Someone they would like to form a relationship with.

Whether you like it or not, those impressions and judgments are lasting, even if they’re wrong.

Respect & Trust

All too often, we hear people say things like, “I don’t care what people think about me?”  People that say that are indicating that they are either devoid of self-respect, ignorant, or have unresolved mental health issues (Translation: Crazy).  In a civilized society, these people should be shunned or avoided.  Such a statement shows that they really don’t know (or respect) the social codes for dressing appropriately for every occasion, or understand and appreciate how important the virtues of respect and trust are in cultivating and maintaining the relationships that are necessary for financial success in today’s global economy.  What they don’t understand is that respect and trust are the essential “glue” that holds relationships together.

Who do you want people to think you are?clown

This is by far the most important aspect of dressing successfully.  Once you figure out who you want people to think you are, it’s a lot easier to project an image or “brand” that makes the correct impression.  Once you have genuinely become a caring individual who has earned the respect and trust of others through your consistent behavior, it is easy to select wardrobe articles that project that image.  Until then, you’ll dress like a circus clown — wearing stupid costumes that will make people laugh at you behind your back.

When you’ve selected the “right” wardrobe, you can wear those items with confidence, grace, and elegance because they make authentic fashion statements that reflect the truth about you.  You won’t have to worry about being exposed as a “perpetrator” who is just chasing the latest fads trying to make people think you’re something that you’re not.  The right garments will make it easy to be “you” — because your wardrobe will express your style and character, instead of making you look like a movie or cartoon “character” that is just playing a role.

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