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SkivvyCoin: Free Underwear — For Life!

Anderson Apparel, Ltd. has announced its August launch of a crowdsale campaign to raise funds by offering contributors free underwear for life. The campaign will start by issuing digital tokens and listing them on a cryptocurrency exchange where they can be purchased by interested contributors in exchange for Ether cryptocurrency. These digital tokens (called “SkivvyCoin”) are a “smart” contract that is built on an existing public, open-source blockchain and used to provide a specific consumer product. This approach will leverage the network effects and security of an existing, decentralized, and irreversible blockchain ledger.

Free “Skivvies” for Life

Each SkivvyCoin grants its holder (male or female) the right to receive a lifetime supply of new, fashionable underwear garments. Your choice of styles, colors, and sizes for 36 pairs of boxers, briefs, or panties, each year, for life!

At current retail prices (for underwear) and actuarial tables, a lifetime supply of new underwear has an estimated average present value of $8,000 USD.

The supply of SkivvyCoin is limited. Once the campaign starts, it will only last for 30 days . . . so inquire about your SkivvyCoin NOW!

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