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Supply Chain Management

Marketing. Efficiency in the apparel business is all about effective supply chain management.  Our process starts when we take orders from our network of custom tailoring shops and boutique owners around the globe. Our partners are trained in modern fitting techniques that take over 40 body measurements for each customer and export them to our CAD systems — where they are converted into patterns for scaling and laser fabric cutting.

Design.  Using the latest design software, our designers incorporate their ideas into creations that establish new fashion trends. With our fabric sourcing relationships, production expertise, and ultra-modern equipment, we can go from design idea to store shelf in as little as 7-14 days. Currently operating from our 10,000 sf production facility in Norcross, GA, our garment workers can produce over 360,000 garments each year for our own brands, corporate buyers, government agencies, and other private label brands.

Cut/Sew.  Our large cutting area is capable of handling all the cutting needs for a production of up to 10,000 units per month. Our cutters are experienced in cutting all types of fabrics. We employ computerized marking, grading, digitizers, & plotters.  Our experienced garment workers use single needle, double needle, and bar tacker sewing machines, with up to five-thread sergers, cover stitches, & blind stitch hemmers.  We use the latest zigzag, buttonholers, snap grommet, eyelet, and embroidery machines to finish our garments to the highest quality standards.

Our Future

Latest Technology. Our goal is to become the U.S. leader in garment production. The advent of nanotechnology — combined with the recent development of “smart” fabrics — allows our designers to create new, high-tech apparel products that have the capability to interact with their users and the external environment. By tracking and communicating data about the wearer or environment to other devices through embedded sensors and conductive yarns, these products have the potential to change how athletes, patients, soldiers, and first responders interact with their garments.

New Production Facilities. As you can imagine, hundreds of sewing machines running 24 hours a day require massive amounts of electricity. Accordingly, our new production facilities will be models for sustainable “green” manufacturing.   These facilities will be powered by the latest renewable energy sources and will house the most advanced garment-making equipment, allowing us to increase our production capacity tenfold while reducing our power consumption and carbon footprint.

Social Impact. Our new facilities will be located in designated HUB Zones in suburban Atlanta, GA. This will allow us to provide more employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged persons in those areas, as well as lower our shipping costs by placing us in closer proximity to the distribution hubs of our major customers.

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